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Considering that CSS has been around for about a decade now, I thought I'd give it a pop as it doesn't appear to be going away. To be honest, I am working off the back of other people work - at least initially. There, I said it, a lot of the work has been downloaded from OSWD - see the credits page for details. I intend to over time tinker with CSS and publish pages of my own design, in fact the credits page is my first venture into CSS - pretty crap, but it works and that will be my trial ground. there will be more to come...
About me.
I am 40ish, work as an IT monkey for a firm of solicitors. As such I don't do friends, but do manage awkwardness in social situations quite well. I have an ovoid body and an intermittent beard.
What I enjoy
I am an intermittent archer, shooting recurve in the main, but dabbling in compound and field (flatbow) and toy with other bow styles. Until about a year ago, I was a mediocre club level shooter, since then due to a heavy work schedule I haven't shot as often as I need to to maintain this level and have slipped back to being crap at this. I have always enjoyed reading, it's a better, different world in a book. I have a largish collection of DVDs, and a big screen TV. With those and a few beers, I can have a damned good evening in. Recently I have started getting fit, ok to be honest, I don't *enjoy* it, but it's something I do regularly so has earned its place here. Baseball...I got into this as part of my insomnia, sitting most of the night allows me to see some wierd shit on TV, I got into baseball. Ice hockey, I was invited along to a game at the Bracknell Bees a few weeks back, saw blood spilt and haven't looked back.
What I hate
just about everything tbh.